Saturday, February 19, 2011

The sun and the moon @ Kool

my eastern sky at 7.30 am

This is the sky that greets me
 as I reach the top of the hill
before turning left
to get to work in the morning

And this is the sky that greets me
as I turn right
and come down the hill
when I come back from work
I am clueless 
as to what caused that thick line
in the middle of my purple sky

My western horizon at 7.30 pm

waxing gibbous 98% full
This is the waxing gibbous moon 
at 98% full
seen on my eastern horizon
on 17 Feb at 7.41pm

This was taken in 2008, October 15
I posted this photo here in an earlier blog entry
along with few other favourites
which I snapped at almost midnight

full moon at midnight
Guess what this is


mamasita said...

Great snapshots! Carry on with the photography..jangan tangkap gambar UFO sudah..I will believe you for sure and will harass you siang malam!:D

koolmokcikZ said...

thanks for dropping in mamasita

hehehe ..those photos were snapped using my handphone. wish i have an SLR.

UFO? hmmm ... now ..where did i keep them pics??? *wink*

wishing you a great week ahead mamasita.