Friday, February 11, 2011

Embedded lies

Rachel Mote wrote a response to Malott's criticism about Malaysia's racism. Ms Mote contended that Malaysia is a true melting pot in opposition to Malott's claim of a cracked salad bowl.

Look at the comparison of GDP growth.

"Counter to Malott’s claim, Malaysia’s economy has been a burgeoning one. Its GDP has had positive growth for each of the years between 2000 and 2008, only dipping into negative territory in 2009, a year that saw the entire world’s economy in decline. Malaysia enjoyed a GDP growth rate of 8.9% at one point in the last decade. That’s hardly “underperforming.” By comparison, the best year of GDP growth in the United States over that same period never exceeded 4.9%. By that measure, Malott’s assessment of Malaysia economy is entirely unfair and inaccurate."

Ms Mote than adressed the question that have been buggng me all day long.

Now the question must be asked, why Malott chose to advance a negative and inaccurate picture of the country where he once served as Ambassador. The answer is a simple one that can be seen in his own hand. John Malott is a pet of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. A long defender of Ibrahim, Malott has taken to the press before in defense of a man who has been charged twice with sodomy, a serious crime in Malaysia, and who was convicted of corruption.

To cap off the week, here's a link that I cannot not love ... hehehe

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