Saturday, February 12, 2011

Melting pot?

Malaysian Insider ran a response by Umar Mukhtar to John Malott 's article. [read here] MI also ran a response by DPM but I will not bother to link it here for embarassment.

Well, what do you know ... thestar today run Ms Mote's counter arguments to John Malott's article.  Azmi Anshar responded on nst online earlier. I commented about it here.

Yeah! Where else in this world that the ethnic celebrations are honoured as state holidays?

Where else in this world you will find the citizens who cannot speak the tongue of the soil and insist on keeping their vernacular schools ... not even in the PERFECT Singapore.

However, Ms Mote's observation is counter to the opinion of an American who resides in Kuala Lumpur and heads an international company. He opined that Mr Malott's piece is current and well aligned with reality. He observed that our economy is slipping against all of the regional competitors and that without a higher growth, there is risks of social pressures. He went on to note that the government is hinting the protest in Egypt is building up pressures here.

Hmmm ... by the look of things, perhaps one should consider stocking up on canned food and drinks. The way things are between two dinosaurs [LKY and TDM] maybe it is a good time to start piling up gold dinar too???

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