Thursday, February 10, 2011

Superman lily

One of my all time favourite movies is Superman starring the late Christopher Reeve. Of all the scenes, the one that struck me the most was when Superman flew across the globe to get Lois a flower for their date [or was it dinner?]. The flower was the peach lily. Ever since then, I became rather obsessed with lilies.

I have not been blessed with green fingers. The joke has always been that I could kill off plants simply by watering them. However, since moving into my own abode in 2003, I have been trying to 'cool' off my fiery fingers. I tried roses with some success until I left them without water for weeks when I had to go outstation. So were the orchids. Spent half k getting the 'orchid house' but I could hardly get them to bloom.

I first saw this pink lily at my brother's place in Klang. I asked for some of the bulbs to be planted at my house. 

About five years ago, I planted some bulbs in two flower pots. The leaves sprouted and shriveled again and again over the years. I used special fertilizers in the hope of seeing the beautiful flowers under my purple sky but to no avail. 

After tending them all these years, I was ready to give up. I left them alone. Not even bothered to water the pots. Mimosa began to take residence in the pots. With the end of year mad rush, they were totally totally abandoned. I gave them up for dead.

The rainy season past few months gave them some life but I ignored the sprouting leaves shrouded in the dark green mimosa foliage and its fragile pink round flowers. I just didn't have any hope to ever see the pink lily.

Last week I noticed the tip-of-the-flower-thingy but I was too occupied with Hikmah. Coming back from school on Monday in the evening, I was greeted by this three beautiful pink blooms on a single stalk. With the fourth still in bud.

Mesmerizing! Subhanallah! They are so beautiful. 

So is this life giving rain I snapped using my phone cam. I love watching the rain drops like big shiny pearls dropping down from the sky. I could spend hours watching them.

Over the years I have had some blooms around the house at different times. I didn't get to take any photos of my lovely roses and orchids before they died out [of neglect and termites]. 

Superman Lilies in June

Heliconia with leaves
Heliconia in vase


I have no idea what this one is called

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