Wednesday, February 2, 2011


A long long time ago when I was 14 years old, a teacher put me in charge of the school magazine. Got myself a few friends to help me cut out prints using scissors (our own) and pasting each piece painstakingly to the 'typing' paper. The teacher gave me an old portable typewriter [can't remember the name -very popular brand then]. We had to buy our own glue. I didn't see the teacher until the day I hand in the final draft. It was left to me to get all materials including the foreword from the Principal and other education officers concerned.

Last year, I was made the secretary to the committee. I thought it would be a breeze because we have all the hardware and software needed to produce a school magazine.

I prepared a schedule and appointed students ... the way my teacher did. 

Then I had that bout with shingles followed by the great sail. I was missing from school until May.

All the while I took it for granted that the 'work' for the mag was undergoing.

Turned out I was misinformed.

When the final meeting was called, the mag was far from ready. Even the design for the cover was not in sight.

Deadline came and went and no mag in sight.

School ended and began for the new year and still the mag was not making any appearance.

I have never worked with MS Publisher before but I needed to come out with a mag.

After three sleepless weeks, I came up with a whole mag.



After struggling for the whole month, today I managed to hand Hikmah to the publisher. Hopefully, it will be ready before SPM result is announced at the end of this month otherwise it will be another headache.

Moral of the story, it helps a lot to know how to use MS Publisher. 


mamasita said...

SPM result keluar bila yer?
I guess doing a school magazine is not as breezy for some students nowadays.
During your time, it was rather kacang.
Maybe the students are so pre-occupied with other school workload that if Cikgu tak pandu sama, kereta tak berjalan..hehe

koolmokcikZ said...

Salam mamasita,

maybe hujung bulan ni or awal next month.

bebudak sekarang mamasita, apa kerja yang depa buleh buat. study pun kena 'suap'.

ingatkan boleh harap guna komputer untuk buat kerja, tapi depa setakat boleh guna komputer untuk ber muka buku je. nak edit gambar masuk Words pun tak reti. Lotih jadi cikgu jaman sekarang

sher said...

kool, you shud read 'novis' - experiences of new teachers, compiled by one of the KS - it's saddening to read most of the teachers had negative first impression of students and classroom!

we've been playing the blaming games for so long: the students, their parents, teachers, teachers' teachers, bla bla bla.. i think what we really need is a reform of the curriculum that meets the diverse needs of the present society.

bottom line is; school shud be inspiring like it did to us 40 years ago. no?

koolmokcikZ said...

oh yes ... those were the days.