Tuesday, February 8, 2011


A former US Ambassador to Malaysia wrote an article on Wall Street Journal "The Price of Malaysia's Racism" .

Almost 500,000 Malaysians left the country between 2007 and 2009, more than doubling the number of Malaysian professionals who live overseas. It appears that most were skilled ethnic Chinese and Indian Malaysians, tired of being treated as second-class citizens in their own country and denied the opportunity to compete on a level playing field, whether in education, business, or government. Many of these emigrants, as well as the many Malaysian students who study overseas and never return (again, most of whom are ethnic Chinese and Indian), have the business, engineering, and scientific skills that Malaysia needs for its future. They also have the cultural and linguistic savvy to enhance Malaysia's economic ties with Asia's two biggest growing markets, China and India.
Of course, one could argue that discrimination isn't new for these Chinese and Indians. Malaysia's affirmative action policies for its Malay majority—which give them preference in everything from stock allocation to housing discounts—have been in place for decades. So what is driving the ethnic minorities away now?
I kept thinking of apartheid in South Africa. 

I strongly believe that these world policemen are looking at us through apartheid lenses.

That the non-Malays are marginalised on this soil.

They swallowed the Ketuanan Melayu [Malay Supremacy] lies hook line and sinkers tossed by DAP and Hindraf.

"... right-wing militant Malay groups such as Perkasa ..."

"... Chinese and Indian political parties in the ruling coalition are supposed to protect the interests of their communities, but over the past few years, they have been neutered. They stand largely silent in the face of the growing racial insults hurled by their Malay political partners..."

"... Utusan, which is owned by Mr. Najib's political party, has claimed that the opposition would make Malaysia a colony of China and abolish the Malay monarchy. It regularly attacks Chinese Malaysian politicians, and even suggested that one of them, parliamentarian Teresa Kok, should be killed..."

Their opinions and arguments conveniently overlook the statistics. 

And most of all, they conveniently forget that we are not U S of A.

That the Malays did not bring those non-Malays onto this soil.

That we honestly believe they wanted to go home because they insisted on keeping their vernacular schools. Otherwise why in the U S of A or anywhere else in the whole wide world do we NOT find a vernacular school? If one go to Nottingham, England, one will find Bank of India in Lenton Boulevard but no Primary/Junior/High School (India)?

That after 53 years, the non-Malays cannot speak the NATIONAL LANGUAGE of this soil.

I wonder if any of those in office read what this learned gentleman spewed.

Am I making a mountain out of a molehill?

In apartheid Africa, the white people became the master and the blacks became aliens in their own country.

Once, under TDM we were a nation well on the way of shedding our underdeveloped-country cloak. 

TDM was branded as a dictator by the west.

LKY brandished his designer democracy and is applauded for his success.

And suddenly everything chinese is  magically correct. 

"... Chinese parents can get away with things that Western parents can't..."

No more French, many would choose Mandarin as a second language. That's the language of the biggest economic power now.

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