Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where have all the telors gone?

Here we go again. [read here]

This time, one apek sent a complaint to the Prime Minister's Department about the the loud azan [prayer call] which disturbs his morning sleep.

And this apek is a lawyer no less!

He must have thought that EVERYONE in the PM's Department must be shivering and peeing in their pants.

Because he is NOT a DAP apek.

And a lawyer to boot!

Therefore, something MUST be wrong with the bigot racist Malay Muslims who blasted the loud azan 5 times a day starting very early in the morning when the educated cultured apeks are sleeping. No wonder lah these racist bigots nasi-lemak-pulut-rendang-teh tarik kaw kaw addicts are so stupid and malaise. They lack sleep which is oh so important in developing one's intelligence and health.

Hmmm ...

What a sad affair

Seeing this mother land being sold to the dogs and the pigs by my own Malay Muslim brothers and sisters [small fonts denoting small in number].

All this apek needs to do is just apologize. That's what THEY have been doing. Anything and then just apologise and business as usual.

They must have found a great way to SCRAMBLE a lot of big TELORS

ishkkk! lost one recipe now


Che Nah said...

telur semua dah kecut ! he he

koolmokcikZ said...

Che Nah

scrambled eggs= telur masak hancur

scrambled juga bermaksud lari lintang pukang

Kenn said...

Apabila Menteri Dalam Negeri bertukar rupa menjadi Menteri Seluar Dalam, telur-telur pun terus mengecut. So mana ada telur lagi kat Malaysia ni.

koolmokcikZ said...

telor gayut kat telinga buat subang ooo