Thursday, January 6, 2011

A reaLspoiler

Last week I spent the last day 
of year end school holiday
in Kuantan on Friday
 watched Tron in 3D.

bracing the monsoon rain
weaving 'tween the lanes
was this funny lookin'
Milo tin with engine

but this mokcik and her daughter
 burst out in loud laughter
looking at the reaLspoiler
THAT was an intended misnomer

the driver must have thought
the car was such a sport


Kama At-Tarawis said...

this is so neat..:=)
btw, i've got you linked..
psst where hv you been hiding all these while?

koolmokcikZ said...


thanks Putri ... much honoured

i already have you linked [baru tak sat ni nak mintak izin ... mintak maHap neh. minta izin sekali ... ;p]. lama dah dok 'menikmati you dalam senyap' hehehe

not hiding ... just too tired out fighting my own demons

finally coming out of age

HAHAHAHA ... glittering in gold