Monday, January 24, 2011


Last week i read [here] Penang Chief Minister claimed that Penang hit a record RM88 millions surplus in 2008 and RM77 millions in 2009 through 'the dividends of anti-corruption measures'  since PR took over in 2008.

Pure Shiite took a close look at the claim and concluded that there was NOTHING significant about the measures except that the state's administration has been selling land [of which the donkeys' work were carried out by federal administration people].

Today i read this.

Deputy Minister of International Trade  said 99% of investments in Penang are the result of federal government efforts, specifically the ministry. Therefore, the DAP-led-coalition should not be in a haste to 'take credit' for the efforts of others in promoting the state as a centre of investment.

The Deputy Minister went on to claim that he himself led a mission of trade and investment promotion to Taiwan and he is sure that it was that effort which brought investments to Penang.

I really really wish the Deputy Minister can come out with solid evidence about that 99% claim.

I still believe that birds of the same feather prefer to flock together.


Kenn said...

Secocok bukan dengan definasi (bukan-doktor-punya) "Diagnosis - person with slanted nose. (Lim Guan Eng)" yang diberikan DI SINI ?

Entah panjang mana dah hidung dia dok asyik kelentong tak habis-habis.

koolmokcikZ said...

Ken, I prefer Marahku's Pinoccio from here [err to put a link here?]