Saturday, January 1, 2011


Welcome New Year

Am still here
in the blogosphere
though neither there nor here
one thing is sure
the end is near

Came back to the house yesterday
which was last year of course
after watching Tron
the 3D glasses was uncomfortable
dozed off and on
too tired after 3 weeks of struggle
the less than quarter full ECM cineplex
was too cold for a mother 
and her daughter

On reaching home
amidst the rain
ran to the loo
had to release the pain
for hours of holding
the full bladder in
[when one is a golden girl
this is no laughing matter]

As i sat down
to read the mails
from the corner of my eyes
on the cold greenish tiles
an inch wide
maybe 8 inches long
a red centipede
swaying at a speed
across the floor
of the hall

My heart leaped
to my daughter i screamed  
get her feet 
off the floor quick

grabbed a door mat
threw it on the centipede
such a frail attempt
for it came from under that
charging at me
[like one of those from the Alien movies ... hahaha]

ran to the kitchen
desperate for something
to be used 
over such a thing

By the time 
i found a machete
the creature had vanished
under the furniture

tried flushing it out
with sprays of Baygon
but it was gone

mustering all courage
i looked under the carpet
the chairs
and tables
every nook
and cranny

but it was gone

went to bed
but that red threat
stayed in my head
which made me forget
the dawn of a new year



mamasita said...

Hahahaha..Bravo bravo! Great poetry ala Melayu pantun!

Happy New Year koolmokcik!

koolmokcikZ said...

thank you for dropping in mamasita

hihihihi ... venturing into new territory ... trying to keep the sparks glowing

happy new year to you.

great to be sharing the space with you again