Monday, January 3, 2011

Attack of the centipede

As i sat on the worn out settee
with a mug of hot coco latte
crossing few inches from my feet 
was a centipede
[a bit smaller and less fierce
then the one that evaded me
on new years' eve]

a stool was the nearest thing at hand
to stop the creature from going
before darting
into the kitchen i did
to get me the machete

first i cut off the tail
that protruded from under the stool
then cautiously it was lifted
and the machete was ready
to chop off the head

with the tail and the head
chopped off
the middle part kept moving
aiming straight at me
[i was shivering]

i don't think it was the same 
with yesterday's one
which was bigger and redder

here's how it looked
with tail and head chopped
next to a kilometrico papermate ballpoint pen

at almost midnight
while struggling to compose this entry
my girl lamenting 
 about the boring shows on the tube
when she suddenly shouted
"Anak lipan!"

she jumped for the Baygon can
and sprayed the anak lipan
until it drowned
and laid still

i hope there is no father centipede
coming to look 
for its offspring
and mate


Tabib said...

Hem.. lama tak datang sini... macam-macam ada. Ikan berenang, air hujan dan Emak & anak lipan.
Sodap goreng untuk obat lolah! he..he! ;) (please don't quote me).

Selamat kembali ke Sekolah.

koolmokcikZ said...


terima kasih sudi bertandang tok moh

anak anak ape khabar?