Saturday, October 4, 2008

4 Syawal 1429 Hijriah

Today is 4 Syawal 1429H. I started blogging on 6 Syawal 1428H. Then I was full of anger. A close friend suggested I vent off my anger through blogging. I wasn't sure I could keep a blog. I never could keep a diary before. With friends encouragement, here I am after one year and a number of postings. I really owe a big thank you to my dear friends.

I still have inhibitions, still not spontaneous with my writing but I am happy with what I have done so far. And most of all, I am happy that some of the anger I harboured is gradually ebbing.

I am trying to upload the raya pics. Unsuccessfully. My server has not been very friendly these past few days. In fact, for the last two days I was not even able to access the network. Network was too busy.

I have been using Maxis post paid service since 2002. When I visited Melaka I used to get this error message on my mobile "Network busy".
I was surprised when I got the network busy message here in Kg Kool.

Ahh!!! Picture upload is working. Here's this year's raya pic with my two children. We are yellow this year.

Last year we were green. View pic here.

And here's another one with the clan minus my eldest brother's family and one of my younger sister's.

Father is a lot better. Last year he could hardly sit after falling down a rambutan tree two months before raya.


Tabib said...

Very cool gambar tiga beranak tu!

koolmokcikZ said...

Hehehe!!! Iyo le ... dah memang orang kg Kool kan ;P

Thanks for visiting.