Monday, October 20, 2008

NasiDage SekayeLabu

Yesterday Sunday 19th, 22 friends turned up for nasi dagang and sekaya labu. My happiness was beyond words. Ayong was very surprised to see my old school friends in our late 40's [48 to be exact] came for a 'makan makan' [casual get together]. Thinking that only two of my friends would come, Ayong invited her good friend and her family [who have became family friends] from Selayang for the nasi dagang and sekaya labu. They arrived at 10 am and we had a jolly fun breakfast. Never in my life had I imagined to be having breakfast with friends who would come all the way from KL. That was a nice surprise. [like the one I got from a friend who came back from Dubai and had the thought of giving me a 'nasi lemak Restoran Azhar' surprise on the fourth day of raya but it was the friend who was surprised to find that nasi lemak was sold out before ten. I could only offer kimchee and bihun for breakfast].

Bigger surprise was in store. First Rohi and her two daughters came. Rohi is staying in Jerantut but I hardly see her. Rohi looked sophisticated in gray baju kurung and white scarf befitting a lady of leisure ... ;P . Her girls are beautiful.

Next, Amdan arrived with his elder sister and wife. Rohi last saw Amdan in 1975. We were 15 years old then. And even so, we hardly speak to each other. Rohi was in English medium class whereas Amdan and I were in the Malay medium.

But yesterday, it was like we have been the best of friends since forever. Conversations flowed freely. Time just flew by ever so quickly. Amdan had to leave to visit an aunt in hospital just as Sher arrived with husband. Rohi left too because her girls were getting tired [hehehe ... listening to old mokcikZ tales]

Sher was accompanied by her husband. I have been to Sher's house a couple of times and met her JB [our reference for husbands].

I was worried that Manan [Sher's JB] might feel a bit out of place when the two old mokcikZ just couldn't stop chattering. Luckily, Ayong's friend's father [in white kopiah] joined us at the table. [I was feeling a bit guilty too for not being able to entertain Ayong's friend but they make themselves like family members and I was very grateful to them for being there].

Next, Tim and her niece arrived with Zipah in a convoi. Boy!!! I had the biggest surprise. Zipah arrived with her youngest son AND JB!!

Here is the pic of Hj Duan, Zipah and Tim sitting while Sher laughing at me for forgetting the apron. The pic is heavily cropped and Tok Moh will have to get his reading glasses to look at the pic.

This pic here is specially dedicated to Im who first brought up the memory of sekaya labu. Im couldn't make it yesterday for some reason. Sorry Im, this is the best I could do. I forgot to take a better pic of the "lelabu kaya". You can see better pics of the labu on From My Kitchen Album on hi5 here.

At almost dusk, Ayong's new friend from the bank dropped by with her whole family [hubby, two sons and a daughter]. We totally forgotten the camera. What a bummer!!!

This one is specialy dedicated to Senah ... KIM CHEE [sp] on garlic buttered toasted french bread.

I wish to say thank you to Ira and family, Amdan and maam + sister, Rohi and her two lovely girls, Sher and JB, Tim and niece, Zipah, son and JB, and Pn Rozana and family for making my weekend the best ever. Hehehe!!! Almost had a dramatic effect for "Permintaan Terakhir".

Heyy!!! Since nasi lemak Restoran Azhar is now 'diluted', how about a get together this December with MY nasi lemak here at Kg Kool? There's even picked cockles sold here. Maybe Sher can vouch for the meanness of my chilly ...


Tabib said...

Ha,ha! where is my reading glasses ;)

Meriah sungguh!
First time nampak gambar Nazipah.

sher said...

mean! mean! mean!!.... the chilly ikan tongkol :)
lina, thank you so much for the warm hospitality... kenyang sampai ke malam!