Sunday, October 12, 2008

Alahai Anak Omak

Saturday, my son Epit came home with his friends. I had to be in school helping out to prime the library for a competition at national level. PMR is starting on Monday and a bunch of girls asked to see me for last minute revision.

Epit and his friends had lunch at his grandma's place. His grandma made special kari ayam kampong and his aunt at the stall prepared sambal udang with petai. He arrived home quite late in the afternoon.

Earlier during the week he called asking to have barbecue with his friends. I still have some tenderloin roast from raya already marinated and frozen. So it was just a matter of defrosting the beef and getting the the coal to burn.

Here we are enjoying the crisp evening tending the grill. Epit's taking the pic, yours truly monitoring, Ayong busy taking the grilled beef to the grandparents [10km away]

Here's Ayong beside Epit's friend. Especially to all mokcikz reading this blog, please note that the friend is a girl. Also it's not that the picture is not clear. It's the smoke from the grill.

Here they are enjoying the beef off the grill.

It was a pleasant evening. I got to see the other side of my children. Suddenly, I can see that my son is growing up. I was happy to note his efforts at taking charge of the situation. Most of all I was happy to see Ayong dispensing her duties naturally and comfortably.

The next morning, I made nasi dagang with chilly ikan tongkol and pineapple and cucumber salad on the side. I had this dish in Kemaman way back in the early nineties and I find that the nasi dagang is actually better with chilly ikan tongkol and fresh salad instead of the traditional 'gulai' which I find too rich. Well, Ayong didn't get to send some of the rice to grandma. It turned out to be a favourite with Epit and his friends. Anyway it was way past breakfast time.


sher said...

how u make the chilly ikan tongkol?
share lah the recipe...

koolmokcikZ said...

lorrr ... same with chilly cockles and chilly everything ... made with chilly of course ... ;p

as much chilly as you can take , onion, garlic and ginger. And the fish don't forget. throw everything into hot oil then put some water and simmer until it looks, smell and taste like the best chilly you've tasted. keep adding salt, sugar and tamarind juice to the desired taste.