Sunday, November 2, 2008

TRO - to rule out

29th October 2008, I checked in into HTAA Kuantan for a hysteroscopy scheduled on the 31st. Ayong managed to get leave and drove me to the hospital. I got the registration done by 4pm and was sent to a second class ward - 2 Teratai, despite the GL provided. I was told that was SOP for HTAA. O'well ...

Once settled in, I called Idzah at the state library to get the Sekaya Labu I steamed the night before. Idzah came and 'kidnapped' me for tea with a few friends at a famous nasi dagang joint in Tanjung Api.

Here I was having Mee Calung with Mazha and Amdan.

Here are Idzah and hubby Azman.

Mazha went further and arranged for 'ikan bakar' [fish bbq] at Phuket Restaurant in Tanjung Lumpur. Idzah started calling up 'rodongs' [friends].

At 7 pm Idzah sent me back to the hospital. Mazha arranged to pick me up from the ward at 8.30pm. At the ward, the nurses chided me for 'missing'. They had to carry out certain procedures and I was not around. Hehehe! I was told to be in my bed as the ward doctor needed to take down my particulars and blood sample. My night out had to be cancelled. What a damper!!!

The doctor [most probably a houseman] didn't come until midnight. He was rather crossed. He must have had a bad day. He had to take my blood sample for several testing. It should have been done earlier but I was missing. He had difficulty finding suitable vein on my arms and took to 'digging'. Gosh!!! That hurt hellovalot!!!

Ayong spent the night at her friend's. I couldn't sleep. I wished I had the laptop with me.

At 9am the next morning, the ward doctor [wonder what they are called ... MO?] did the round. She asked me if I knew what I was in for. I said I didn't. She chided me saying I should know what I was in for. I was wondering if an old uneducated lady would understand what is TRO endometrial. I knew I was in for that. I was hoping I could get to "DISCUSS" the whole thing ... the condition, the procedures, the risks, the options .. etc. But the doctor was too 'important' surrounded by a swarm of housemen/student doctors to listen to my questions. I guess she didn't expect a Malay patient in a 2nd class ward to talk in English to her. She didn't hear me at all. She even talked on the mobile and it was a personal call, nothing related to work.

After telling me that a hysteroscope will be done the next day, she left with her entourage. She didn't even bother to answer my question about whether the purpose is for ablation or biopsy. All information I had from my order letter was a surgery TRO endometrial.

Later, one of the nurses came to ask me if I want to move to the first class ward. I was eligible for a room for two
, they only have a room for four. I wanted more privacy because I had to finish the PMR marking, hopefully before they do the operation.

I only got to move to ward 8A after lunch. The other three beds were unoccupied. but were filled up by dinner. First, one old lady with her right foot rotting away of diabetes. Next, my swimming buddy from Hospital Temerloh for hip joint replacement and the last one ... a screaming murder granny with a broken hip. They hung 30kg weight to her right foot.

I tried to finish as many scripts as I could. Many were no-attempt scripts so I managed a large number by dinner. A nurse reminded me to start fasting at midnight for tomorrow's operation. I asked Ayong to get me some sushi. Here's what she got me ...

A picture tells a thousand words. Here are three pictures ... hihihi!!!

At ten a nurse came with a sleeping pill. That was to help me sleep soundly. Bummer!!! I had wanted to stay up and finish the scripts. No choice! I took the pill and went to bed. The pill didn't do a good job. I woke up a few times during the night.

I was up at 4.30 am on Friday morning. Not wanting to disturb my roommates, I continued marking with the light from the corridor. I was slowed down a lot by the light. By 6.30am I took my bath and washed my hair. I was supposed to go to the operating theater at 10 am.

At about 7 am, a doctor came to set up the needle. He had difficulty finding suitable vein. He settled for the one on my right hand. I complained of pain and the immediate swelling in my fingers. He just laughed it off. The pain became quite unbearable and I couldn't hold the pen with the swollen fingers.

At 8.30 am, another doctor, a very young lady came to change the needle. She couldn't stick the needle in after 6 tries and both my hands and arms were blue black. I was seized by emotion for a while then. I cried ... not out of pain but the hopelessness of the situation. The lady doctor left. I went back to my bed and fell asleep exhausted. Later the doctor returned with her senior who couldn't find any suitable vein to stick the needle in either. In the end, she had to make do with a 'pink' needle [a very small sized one used in urgent situation]. All in all, I got 9 needle punctures.

At about 12 noon Ayong saw someone carrying a bouquet of fresh flower passed by the door. A few minutes later, the person came into the room looking for me. Someone sent me a bouquet!!! It was from Mahie, a super duper junior alma mater who became familiar after a homecoming event earlier this year [which I was supposed to attend but did not; due to some reasons]. Mahie is based in Kemaman and has his family in Kuantan. He couldn't visit me hence the flowers.

The presence of a bouquet of fresh flowers helps liven up the dreary ward. It cheered up everyone. Even the whining old lady who broke her hip stopped whining for a while. Thanks a lot Mahie for the thought. The white lilies were lovely and gave off sweet soothing scent while the yellow and pink carnations were simply gorgeous.

About 2 pm, the nurses brought in the trolley and OT gown with hair cap to my bed. The curtain was drawn around my bed and the nurses helped me get dressed for OT. Some visitors were still around the other patients. I was made to gulp down two kinds of liquids and a sedative pill. Ayong was suddenly overcame by emotion. I guess the sight was too much for her. I told her to go off.

By 5.30 pm I was wheeled back to the ward half concious. The operation was done under general anasthesia which gave me a terrible after operation vomitting bouts and a bad case of coughing. By 12 midnight I was fully concious and taken off the drip [which stopped at 9 pm leaving my left arm swollen].

I was ravenous after 24 hours of fasting. I asked for a hot drink. They let me take hot Milo. I couldn't keep it down. I vomitted violently. So, I kept to plain hot water for few hours. By 4 am my gastric juice started stinging and I took small sips of cereal drink and I was able to keep it down. I told Ayong to get on bed and I continued marking.

Breakfast was served quite late and I was munching bar after bar of KitKat. When finally breakfast came in ... I was served with 2 pieces of stale bread with some marmalade [no butter since I have hypertension] and a hard boiled egg. I wolfed everything down.

Since it was Saturday, doctor came quite late ... with apologies!!! He spoke bad English [I think he is NOT a Malaysian ... didn't get his name]. He explained something about the operation but I couldn't understand him. All I could made out was that I have to wait another month for the result.

I was discharged after lunch. The whole bill amounted to more than five hundred ringgit. However, being a government servant with GL, I only paid twenty one ringgit for the 4 days stay in the ward.

To sign off this entry, here I was on the way back. I stopped at East Coast Mall and had a lovely Thai steamboat of fish, chinese cabbage, soft tofu, chicken ravioli, tofu skin and spinach noodles ... healthy and yummyyy!!! hehehe!!!


Tabib said...

Final picture - "Peace not war"! :)

Let hope the biopsy result come out to be benign.

sher said...

tak gaye oghang kuar ospita punggg.... :D

momilo said...

InsyaAllah, semua baik-baik saja ....

koolmokcikZ said...

Yeah! PEACEEEEEEEE tok moh.

Yup! I am praying hard. So far, there has been no family history of cancer. I'm praying I will not be the marker. But then ... thinking of all those melamine I must have consumed unknowingly. Also there must be other carsinogens ... loads in the bottled water i guess ... and all those satays and bbqs ... hmm ...

you should see me IN the ward ... lagi le tak de gaya orang DALAM wad ... siap pink lipstick!!! HAHAHA ... i had to cheer myself up ... too much for the flowers alone!

insyaAllah, thanks.