Friday, November 21, 2008

Anak Omak - Big Bikes

My son finished his third year semester and came home on 14th Nov with four friends on big bikes and two on Kembara. They arrived late in the afternoon.

Five Satria Baja Hitam posing before pushing off for their 
Taman Negara escapade. Epit at the far right

The boys taking the corner on Karak-KL highway
Epit leading the way on his red bike

BBQ dinner

2 chickens and 3 kg beef went on the grill plus fried rice, 
mushroom soup and bread with garlic butter disappeared 
in no time. They were famished!!!

 Next day, they rode to Taman Negara. Here they are arriving at the jetty.

Arriving at the jetty

Posing at the entrance

Starting the long trek to the Canopy Walk.

Epit on the 'hanging bridge' of the Canopy Walk

Cooling off at Lubok Simpon

A pose with mum in front of the house

Another one for the album. With them big bikes this time
My son is a young man now. Here's wishing you all the best dearest.

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