Friday, November 14, 2008

Thank you note


Hooray! hooray!! It's the holidayyyyyy ...

After so many years, this year's end of year school holiday hopefully will be a long one for me. Since 1997, I had not had any holiday. Been working non stop. This time around, I was determined to have my long overdue holiday.

After having the hysteroscope done
on 31st Oct, I was given a medical leave for the whole week. I was alright except for the cramps. It was made worse by the coughing - side effect of the GA. I googled hysteroscope and there was no mention of such procedure done under GA. All articles mentioned the procedure done in the doctor's office. Now I am wondering why did I have to go through GA for such a simple procedure. What more, my friends who came to visit me were telling me about hospitals which did not administer anaesthetics for cost factor. O'well ... enough of my brain cells died for that GA. I'll not kill any more of them pondering about this.

I wish to share my profound gratitute to all the people who turned this experience into an unforgetable one. Through all the fears and pains, I found love from friends ... something I never have before. I have gone through my life practically alone. Sharing only the 'good' part with some friends and family members. Never the painful parts or the personal fears.

This time I let the whole world know I was going for this minor surgery. Well, my fears were real. I had some complications before.
I was scared I might not wake up from the surgery. Something I took for granted in my previous experiences.

On the second week after the procedure, I had to attend the final coordination and hand in my bundle. I was having second thoughts about driving. The cramps didn't seem to go away. A colleague called and told me she would fetch me from home. That means she had to go all the 10km out of her way. I accepted gladly. And so for the next three days, Zuza and Suhaila became my guardian angels, saving me from driving.

My guardian angels - Zuza [in yellow headscarf] and Suhaila.

Suhaila's friend went fishing for ikan haruan [cat fish] which the Malays believe is good to aid healing. She caught three and took them still alive to me and I have never met her before. What more could one expect from a friend?

So this posting is specially dedicated to all my friends who showered me with love and care. I am much humbled by all of you. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

And especially to Zuza and Suhaila, I owed you both my eternal gratitude. I could never repay you for what you both did for me. Both of you were godsend. Bless you.

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