Friday, December 12, 2008

NasiDage SekayeLabu - for 'kambing' Dubai

I attended a boarding school in 1973. A pioneer batch. Then, we have English medium and Malay medium classes. I was in the Malay medium class.

Then too, girls wore knee length pinafore as uniform and donned shorts during PE. Boys were perpetually in shorts ... ;p. Although we were in mixed classes, boys and girls don't *mix*. At thirteen, we girls were into perfumed body talcum, face wash and nightgowns/PGs [some like momilo *wink* were late bloomers] when boys would come down to the dining hall in the same t-shirt they went to bed. Hehehe ...

31 years later, here I am with two alma maters [both from the English medium] enjoying home cooked meals hundreds of kilometers away from the heart of KL.

Lias is home from Dubai for Eid Adha. I chatted with him on YM in the morning on the 10th Dec and here he is having lunch of nasi dagang in Kg Kool on the 11th. His younger brother [backing the camera] sells nasi dagang for a living. *pheww!!! such honour[?]*

I tried calling a few friends to join us but it was middle of the week and everyone was occupied. Only Rohi managed to make it with her youngest girl. Note the clock on the wall. It was after half past two. Lias left about an hour after.

Rohi last saw Lias 33 years ago. However, the hours just ticked away unnoticed. The conversation spewed forth effortlessly. It was a very cosy, lovely afternoon.
Rohi left after 6 pm.

Thank you Lias for the visit and thank you Rohi for making time. I hope to be able to write more posting and put up more pictures of friends here soon.

2008 is fast receeding. I thank Allah for all the happy moments I was able to record here. Beautiful moments I spent with family members and friends. Thank you all for being here with me. May Allah bless us all with better years ahead.


sher said...

kool nasi dage must be something else sampai abang tokeh nasi dagang pun demand!!
ke adik kena pow?!!!


koolmokcikZ said...


abang dia baru tau adik dia jual nasi dage. so lom sempat rasa lagi. nasi dage kool lak dah naik blog ...kira cam gerenti le kot ... hehehe ... [being conceited].

however i have this suspicion ... adik was there to dig the secret for making nasi dage kool. HAHAHAHA

??? kambing?

momilo said...

late bloomer? hmmm .... in the days when it mattered most, I was straight like a telephone pole, flat like a plank and shorty to boot. still not bloomed but shorty no more ... hehehe. next time round I go KL, mebbe I could detour to taste nasi dage kool, my turn plak ...

koolmokcikZ said...


too small the palm be, the bamboo tray is offered ... ;p

just make sure you don't surprise me else you get the same surprise kambing got first time around.

hehehe ...