Sunday, September 14, 2008

14 September

Today is the 14th day of Ramadan. Last night Ayong and I had our breaking of fast at my mum's. Driving back with Ayong behind the wheel [nowadays with my children around, I don't have to do any driving when not too long ago I had to drive 600km to fetch them from hostels], she remarked that the moon was full. Yes! It was a lovely, leisure drive home on tummies full and warm with mother's cooking.

It's been a while since I last enjoyed the quiet, cold evening sky bathed in the pale moonlight. When I first came back to Jerantut, I used to enjoy sipping steaming mug of black coffee on the porch admiring the full moon peeking through the silhouette of the coconut trees listening to Kitaro ... wishing and hoping and dreaming and ...

On Thursday, four members from the opposition or rather the government in waiting, went to Taipei in a supposedly attempt to coax several government MPs to crossover so the opposition leader could take over and become the prime minister of the country.

Personally, I agree with the popular view that the present government is corrupt and the leadership is weak. Yes, the people are unhappy over the fuel price hike which threw the country into much chaos but I was hoping that a strong opposition would be able to balance things. The country has never had the opposition this strong. Perhaps a strong opposition in a two party system will bring good to the nation.

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