Saturday, August 16, 2008

Walking Legend

Beijing Olympics 2008 opening ceremony on 8.8.08 was hailed as the best and most colourful in the history of Olympics.

In the face of natural disaster that hit China one after the other, Chinese still managed to come up with their best show. Their athletes are just as incredible. I won't be surprised to see Chinese swimmers taking over from Phelps in the next Olympics.

But then, 8.8.08 being an auspicious date for the Chinese, little wonder they are doing so well [take that with a lot of salt, please!!!]

On home front, a local daily ran an article about Malaysian walking legend Khoo Chong Beng who will serve as the assistant chief judge or Executioner for the walking events at the Beijing Olympics today.

For Khoo, the winner of four gold medals in the SEA Games series and bronze medalist at the 1978 Asian Games, this will be his second appearance at the Olympics. His first was as a participant at the Montreal Olympics in 1976. Taking part in the 20km walk, Khoo finished 32nd in a field of 48 participants.

In the 70's, the 'in' thing was to have pop stars or movie/tv stars as pin ups. My friends put up posters of Shaun Cassidy, Lee Majors, Farah Fawcett, Starsky and Hutch, Kiss and Santana among others [couldn't recall now ... hmmm]. I couldn't remember any sports stars being a pin up.

Apart from occasional newsprint posters of Patrick Duffy The Man From Atlantis [he was better known as one of the Ewing brothers on Dallas], I put up pictures of Khoo Chong Beng to adorn my locker and files [BESIDES Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia of Bobby - I was an ardent hindi movie fan. I grew up on estate where we had free movie every weekend ... mostly, Tamil and Hindi movies].

I am wondering now why did I choose to idolise Khoo Chong Beng.
At 15, I couldn't have appreciated his achievements in sports. Anyway, his choice of sports was little known unlike badminton or football.

I guess I must have fallen for him because of his hair [same hair style as Patrick Duffy]. Ha ha ha.

What do you know ... At 60 he still looks dashing! Nicer hair cut too.

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