Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ayong's Convo

Saturday 23rd August 2008, Ayong had her convocation. She had been planning for the event for months. I am proud to note that she somehow made her grandparents' presence on the day as the most important thing for her. Her grandfather had been unwell and turned depressed. She bought special matching batik dress for the grandparents and talked her uncle into closing his food stall for the day. Bullied her brother into getting new shirt and pants and made him miss one class.

I had to take the grand
parents home in the afternoon. Her grand
father was getting very tired. Ayong planned to spend the next TWO days taking photographs with her friends. I took the grandparents home. The old man was excited and talked about it the whole journey home. I was glad that his depression was lifted.

On Monday, very early in the morning I had to go to the hospital for a fasting blood test. Ayong called from KL asking me to take leave from work to go for a studio photograph session at the university. I took a bus to KL and she had her brother picked me up from the bus station in Titiwangsa. She was so happy. She had been to see her father and took a studio photo with him and his family. So she wanted a studio photo with me and her brother. It takes two weeks to be ready.
In the meantime I am posting this photo taken on that second day at the campus.

Here's one with her obliging brother. Both of them really made me happy. Her brother went to all the troubles just to make sure Ayong had a perfect convocation.

She even made me brought over her brother's leather shoes on the first day but through all the commotion, her brother forgot to take it out of the car and here he is with his casual shoes. He borrowed the jacket and tie ... just to oblige his sister's wish.

I thank God for them everyday.

Here's Ayong doing the customary graduating act with her close friends. She missed the one with her classmates on the first day ... she had to look for me and her grandmother who were LOST coming out of the main hall after the ceremony.

Looking at the smiles on the girls faces, what more could a mother ask for?

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*** Here's wishing you all the best my love!!!


mokcik ayong said...

Congratulations, ayong.

Tabib said...

Tahniah Ayong!

Why you cut her chin in the last pic? :-)

koolmokcikZ said...

Thanks mokcik ayong and tabib.

I did not cut her chin. She did it herself ... for lack of arms length to hold the camera at a proper distance.

She shot herself!!! Using a Nikon Coolpix. None of her friends can handle the camera ... pix usually not sharp enough.

She is hoping to upgrade to D40 ... any good deal there doc?