Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka Day

Today is Merdeka day. But it doesn't feel or look like the usual merdeka day. I am so sad over what is happening. It feels like I am losing this place I call home. I am overwhelmed by the hopelessness of the situation. This feels really bad.

It gets worst because the vote I casted on March 8 contributed to this chaos. I thought my vote was a 'smart' one. I truly believed my country would benefit from a strong opposition. So did many other 'smart' ones. Government lost the two third majority. The opposition quickly seized the opportunity and formed a loose coalition which gave them an unprecedented advantage which saw them taking over five states.

The government gets weaker with the global fuel and food crises. Coupled with a prevailing corruption, nepotism and cronyism isues; the Malay Muslim led government is challenged along the line of racial discrimination. What the country had achieved the past 51 years is now deemed null and void. It came down to nothing. The opposition is saying that the Malay Muslim led ruling party has plundered the country's wealth at the expense of other races which made up 40% population of this once beautiful country.

Things are ugly now and could get even uglier when the once DPM who was jailed for power abuse [with an allegation of sodomy which is a crime in this country] returned to parliament as the opposition leader through a by-election forced by his wife's [who was the MP for the constituency] resignation in order to give way to him.

What I am against is the idea of the power seize put forth by the opposition. Whatever the shortcomings are for the democracy that has been practiced in this country, the ruling party WON the last general election 140 to 80. It is undemocratic to get MPs to cross over. The people had cast their votes and given their mandates. True the country is in grave need of reformation but the people has 'spoken'. They chose 140 MPs from the ruling party and 80 from the oppossition.

The opposition has never had it this good before. Their voices a louder now. They could provide a very effective check and balance.

But no ... they have to rule the country and it has to be now.

In the face of two global crises, the opposition is mocking the spirit of democracy and political ethics.

What a cheap skate.

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