Friday, August 22, 2008

Ayong's Mortar

Tomorrow Ayong is going to have her convocation. She wanted her grandfather and grandmother to be her guests of honour. I am delegated the task of chauffeuring the guests of honour to the ceremony.

We have to be in the hall at 8.00 am. If we are to make it to on time, we have to arrive at the university before eight just to ensure a parking spot. Otherwise, this old chauffeur might not be able to make it to the hall on time.

It is a bliss to see Ayong so excited about her convocation. She went looking for special batik material for her dress to be worn tomorrow long before she graduated. She dragged me to Central Market thinking she could find good batik material there.

Quietly, I asked my Ganuese and Kelantanese friends to get hold of some batik with the latest design and colour from the two batik producing states. They brought back few nice pieces and Ayong was so happy to get her choice of batik. The material was duly sent to the tailor. She allocated a large chunk of her first salary on matching head cover and shoes and also dress and shirt for her guests of honour.

She was complaining that UIA's graduating attire does not come with a mortar. She was thinking of getting her own ... by hook or by crook!

Just her luck, UIA decided to change the colour of their robes and throwing in a mortar as well. Ayong got her wish. I can't thank God enough for this slip of good fortune. Last week she went to get the robe and she had a whale of time posing in it even before she reach home. That's my girl!!!

Most importantly, deep down inside I know she has made her grandparents very proud and happy.

I am.


mokcik ayong said...

Congrats ayong... you deserve the best!
This posting brought tears to my eyes.. bless you, proud mom!

koolmokcikZ said...

Thanks mokcik ayong

I am indeed proud of her ... and her brother too.

Sometimes when I felt fate dealt me a heavy blow, I look at my two children and I knew God has indeed been kind to me.

When she was small, Ayong used to ask me why did I name her Jawahir. It is Arabic for jewel. I told her she is my jewel. You should see her face then.