Monday, August 31, 2009


Selamat hari kemerdekaan yang ke 52.

Last night I saw a programme on Discovery about a lion dance competition world level. Malaysian team made it AGAIN as the champion. Watching the happiness of the team members as they hugged one another ... it was pure joy.

I thought it was held in China or Taiwan or Hong Kong or Singapore. But turned out it was held in Genting Highland. Sadly, not even one Malaysian flag was shown in the show. And what struck me most was the absence of Malaysianess in the show. I kind of expect in an event at world level, at least Minister of Tourism would be there to present the championship cup.


I remember once as I was undergoing physiotherapy at a hospital, a lady alleged that the chinese in Singapore are LESS chinese than the chinese in Malaysia. This winning kind of accentuate that allegation. They are even better than the mainland chinese in lion dance.

What do you know. They are Malaysian Chinese.

In America, the citizens are identified as African American or Korean American to denote they are American citizens of African or Korean decendant.

So why Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian?

I do not believe it is a linguistic error. We got our independence from the British. Should there be any linguistic error in the official term used for such reference, I am sure it would not go uncorrected.

So what do Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian denote? That they are Chinese and Indian CITIZENS of Malaysian descendant?

I am also of the opinion that is the purpose of vernacular schools. To prepare their children for the time they go back home to their mainland. Hence the term of reference fits all purpose and intent.

But no! As time goes by, this land of plenty beyond the tropical sea offers more opportunities. As the saying goes, "Seperti Belanda minta tanah" and "Beri betis hendak paha" they wouldn't be happy until they get everything. Look at Singapore!

What a sad affair.

All Americans, Britons, Australians etc speak one language and have one culture but here in Malaysia, the Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indians are more chinese and more indian than the people of the mainland themselves. Instead of they becoming Malaysians, they want Malaysia to be little China and little India with their own court and emperor and maharaja.

The winner of the World Lion Dance competition was Malaysian Chinese!

Malaysia oh tanah airku. Tanah tempat tumpah darahku.

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