Saturday, August 22, 2009

1 Ramadhan 1430 Hijriah

My son and my daughter came home yesterday to celebrate the coming of Ramadhan 1430 Hijriah. It has been many months since I did any cooking. So I spent the evening cooking dinner for the three of us. Simple menu consisting of fragrant white rice, red spinach with squid soup and fried fish with hot fish sauce. My children missed my cooking and thoroughly enjoyed the simple fares.

We planned to have the customary Ramadhan early morning meal [sahur] at my mother's place which is 10km away. Just before going to bed after midnight, I fried some beef in oyster sauce in preparation for the 'sahur'. The three of us were already wondering if we would be able to get up in the wee hour for the 'sahur'.

My son knocked on my door at 5.00 am. Fasting would start at 5.44 am. My daughter called her grandma to tell her we won't be able to make it. The old lady said she was waiting for us to have the meal together. So we got into the car and rushed the 10km with my son behind the wheel.

We made it just in time. I even managed to have a dessert of fresh rambutan. All in good time. Praise be to Allah!

This afternoon, my daughter took her granny for raya shopping. Her brother took the grandpa to the optometrist in the morning. He wanted to make a new pair of glasses. I bought two pieces of Pagoda brand tshirt for my father.

It was so very long ago that the grandparents took her and her brother shopping for raya.

It was a longer long ago that I took them shopping for raya.

It will not be too distant in the future that they will be doing the shopping for me.


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