Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Flu

For the past two weeks, students in the hostel were sent back home for flu. Hundreds of them. The health officer came to school on Monday last week to alert us of the raging pandemic. We were told not to go to the hospital in case of flu ... just stay home and isolate ourselves [social distancing and self-imprisonment are the correct terms]. We were also told to get ourselves the surgical mask and to practise good personal hygine ie. to cover our nose and mouth when we cough or sneeze.

At 3.00 pm Monday afternoon this week , as our resource centre was being assessed for a national level competition, a doctor announced the closure of the school. Two students were confirmed with H1N1. Though I sort of expected 'that' to happen since last week with hundreds of students getting the flu daily, still it gave me the sinking feeling. The thought that the 'leave' will have to be replaced on Saturdays leaves me pretty cheesed off.

By the look of things, we are facing a national health emergency. Health Minister is reported to be bandying with 'health curfew'. THe World Health Organization has declared that eight millions of us stand to be infected [wonder how they look at us under the social microscope].

With Ramadhan just around the corner and sugar is on the shortage again [always it's during the fasting month sugar goes short and come Chinese New Year, sugar is not only in abundance but at a lower price. Same goes for chicken and other kitchen essentials like onion and coconut. Weird coincidence!], I am wondering if there will be the usual 'Bazaar Ramadhan'. I sure hope the people have enough sense in them. Even without the threat of a pandemic, it is hard to keep the hygiene at a bazaar with food being displayed publicly and hundreds of people keep comng and going.

Yesterday, Health director-general, on NSTLive session said this disease is going to be around for a long time at least six months to a year.

Gosh!!! The surgical mask is out of stock now. From a mere 30 sen per piece, it sky rocketed to almost rm6 per piece here in my place in the heart of jungle.

Hmm ... perhaps my friend Tabib could recommend me where I can get a hazard mask [like the ones they wear in WW1?]. At least I don't have to change the mask everyday. Surgical mask is to be worn ONCE only, isn't it Tabib?

In the mean time, I will have to practise social distancing ... six months to one year?

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Tabib said...

Ha.ha!, you can order that WW1 mask from military museum.For normal mask read this
Yes, no recycle of face mask.