Monday, July 27, 2009


SMKA TAHAP celebrated the silver jubilee on 14th July. His Royal Highness the Sultan of Pahang honoured the celebration with his presence.

At the eleventh hour it was decided that some of us would perform songs during lunch. Though I have never done any public performance, I agreed when it was offered me. Not everyone get the opportunity to perform for the Royals [someone said to me that only the best performs for the Sultan ... hehehe!].

It was indeed a historical day for me. Singing for the Sultan of Pahang. But most unexprcted of all was the camaraderie brought forth by my willingness to participate in the event. Other staff who would usually shy away and wouldn't even say hello in the morning, came out teasing and joking and the good atmosphere lasted well into the week and spilled over. Well, I am glad such a small act produces a lingering good feelings. Alhamddulillah!

Today I get to view the photos taken on the day and posted my singing pics on my facebook [here] and that brought another bouts of teasing from my buddies. I love the jovial atmosphere created out of the teasings.

Should do this more often.

Crooner anyone?


Tabib said...

Wow!, nice song
Lagu tentang cinta

dengar, dengarlah cintaku
dengan hatimu yg tulus
lelap, lelapkan tidurmu
sampai kau datang padaku

reff: aku akan bernyanyi
sebuah lagu tentang cinta
yg berakhir bahagia
seperti pertama aku cinta kepadamu

dengar, ku dengar cintaku
dengan hatiku yg tulus
lelap, ku lelapkan tidurku
sampai kau datang padaku

repeat reff [2x]

koolmokcikZ said...

thanks tok moh.

tak pernah dengar pun lagu ni sebelum ni ...bila dah dengar tu ..hehehe ..memang jatuh hati teruuuhhhh!!!

sher said...

hu hu... tq for the link tabib, ni la festaim dengor lagu ni, puhhhh piliiiing abeh!!!

bley bayangkan lina tarikkk not tinggi ambil kedip2 kat HRH, opps!

koolmokcikZ said...

hehehe ... oh yeah ... had to go descant [nak guna soprano takot golas pocah!].

you got it .. that's the sole purpose of the bollooo pelesu tu ... for the kedip kedip effect ..and my! that bolloo turned me into an artist ... i got two 'peminat' hugging me and got flower from one and endless good natured tease from everyone.

paling bestnya masa rehearsal the day before tu ..where all the important people from all jabatan turun for last minute fine tuning and lunch was served ... den tak kenal lak sapa this guy ni but he was sitting beside my boss and after i finished rehearsing he said to me he was 'touched' ..hehehe *devil*

Anonymous said...
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