Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Those were the days

Reading this from here brought tears to my eyes.

 ... I am now the on looker, the outsider looking at the kampong dwellers from the eyes of a Singapore Malay urbanite,  a far, far cry from the innocent child, who was clueless that one day his very own kampong life will eventually be taken away from him. So I too wonder how much longer can the kampong folks  at Sungai Buloh withstand the pressure of city life that is fast knocking on their doors ...

I feel deeply the grief of the blog owner through her lament

...Chinatown is still standing and thriving. Serangoon Road or Little India survives to tell many a tale. Kampung Melayu and other Malay settlements on the East Coast and West Coast have been obliterated ( like Kampung Fatimah) or tarted into high-rise HDB flats and farcical 'theme parks'. Although there's nothing new in this 'cleansing' - the British in the 1820s shunted the Malay settlers along the Singapore River to Telok Blangah - the PAP more or less knocked the nails into the coffin.

I am seeing it happening up north
Also in Mat Sabu's latest claim 
And there is this tugu peringatan [something connected to Mat Sabu's claim] erected specially in Nilai.

And I can only sigh!

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