Monday, September 19, 2011

Coffee break

Pening kepala lah nengokkan keadaan lintang pukang juak juak UMNO berperang isu dengan juak juak PAS. Puak lain dalam BN sonyap yo. Samo gak ngan teman sebantal PR. Yang bising menyalak sana sini hanya orang UMNO dan PAS je. Teringat satu pepatah yang oamk den selalu sebut maso den kocik duduk kat Kelantan dulu - "ngaju nyio ko anyi" [merajuk lalu lempar kelapa kat anjing]. Makna nya satu keadaan di mana orang yang merajuk tu membuang kelapa kepada anjing. Maka yang kenyang tentulah anjing manakala orang yang merajuk kehilangan kelapa/makanan nya.

Kita berehat sekejap dan jom minum kopi sebab kopi ada super power boleh memulihkan, mencergaskan dan upgrade minda [dari sini]

Coffee is a life staple for most of the world. All too many people swear that they can't get up without their morning cuppa.

We all know that coffee perks you up and keeps you alert, but did you also know that it could make you stronger, faster and smarter?

Here are three ways that coffee can give your body a boost in more ways than one.

1. Regenerative Abilities

When scientists mixed coffee and cancer, they found some startling results. During experiments, coffee showed antiproliferative effects on cancer cells. That is, it stopped the cancer cells from multiplying. Some of the cancer cells even killed itself in the face of coffee.

Other studies showed that caffeine also increases the effectiveness of radiation therapy and tumoricidal drugs.

This is all very revolutionary because cancer destroys your body by mutating your normal body cells into cancer cells. If you can stop the cancer cells from spreading, you’ve got one step in the right door towards curing cancer.

2. Faster than before

Have you ever watched that episode of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon takes coffee for the first time and thinks he’s the Flash? Well, there’s some basis in that.

Caffeine is a turbocharging kit for your cardiovascular system. The liver breaks caffeine down into three demethylated chemicals – Paraxanthine, Theobromine and Theophylline.

Paraxanthine increases lipolysis, increasing the rate of conversion of fat into glycol fuel in the blood. Theobromine has the effect of dilating our body’s blood vessels. Theophylline relaxes smooth muscle tissues, allowing your heart to beat faster and more efficiently.

If you didn’t understand any of that scientific jargon, all it means is that caffeine helps your blood flow faster, at greater volumes, containing more muscle fuels. This all equals a faster runner.

In a 5-kilometer study, caffeine was attributed to a 1% improvement for both trained and amateur runners. So, coffee really does help!

3. Brain Upgrades

We all know that coffee is a way to fight off last night’s hangover. But it also does something extra: it improves the human brain.

In a study, scientists experimented on volunteers by dosing them with small amounts of coffee first thing in the morning. You might be thinking, ‘I do this everyday. No big deal’.

Well, they also found that this helps increase vigilance, vigor, energy, anger, efficiency and reaction time.

So the next time you’re mind blocked on an assignment or find it difficult to finish off a particularly tough task, take in some coffee and try again.

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