Thursday, September 8, 2011

One Man's Meat is Lady Gaga's Red Carpet Dress

Lee Kuan Yew has issued his golden thought yet again. I read it yesterday on Yahoo News here.

He urges Singaporeans to do better in English because:-

"There is an intense worldwide competition for talent, especially for English-speaking skilled professionals, managers and executives. Our English-speaking environment is one reason why Singapore has managed to attract a number of these talented individuals to complement our own talent pool," said Lee.
"They find it easy to work and live in Singapore, and remain plugged into the global economy. Singapore is a popular educational choice for many young Asians who want to learn English, and they get a quality education. This has kept our city vibrant," he said.

He pointed out that Singapore is the only country in the region that uses English as the working language, the main medium of instruction in schools.

Mother tongues Chinese, Malay, Tamil and others are treated as second language.

I read somewhere some time ago that Mandarin is taking over the globe. Even people in America is choosing to send their children to learn Mandarin.

Well, looks like Malaysia is taking the lead. Teaching of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) will be officially killed off come 2012. And look at how well SRJK (C) is doing. Berebut rebut ibu bapa ingin hantar anak anak belajar di sekolah cina sebab sekolah cina bagus.

Apa lah ini LKY. Tak up-to-date lah!



Che Nah said...


Saya suka proverb yang Cikgu dah modify ni. Menunjukkan updatednya Cikgu terhadap perkembangan semasa :-)Tidak seperti Lee Kuan Yew itu. :-)

koolmokcikZ said...


Thanks Che Nah for dropping in.

Wondering if my actual message got through

Kenn said...


Just because Mandarin will become the global language (if so true) then MALAYsian abandon their language? gadai bahasa.. gadai bangsa?

No wonder MALAYSIAN can never be No. 1, because they never uphold their MALAYSIAN-NESS, always looking for other to uphold..

So..if ARABIC is nest after Mandarin, .. MALAYSIAN will scramble for ARABIC pulak?

So bila nak No. 1 ni?