Monday, September 19, 2011


Some people love Coca-cola so much that they expect to get it anywhere anytime. I once saw a programme on TLC about families in United States of America going for a week of holidays in some remote parts of the world such as Africa, Mongolia, Sabah among others. In one of the series, there was this family sent into the remote Africa and endured all the challenges. However, the mother couldn't stand not having a drink of coke. There is an American living and staying in KL who complained incessantly about not getting pork and pancakes for breakfast the way he used to in USA [I read his blog]. He couldn't comprehend why there is restriction on serving pork in eating places in KL. These people believe that it is their right to want things their way because they have all the money to pay for it. I think that is arrogance.

This reminds me of such arrogance.

In some places the work is a little bit more controversial, and then in other places the works are accepted as a litmus test for how free a country is, or how open a country is, and how full of rights a country is," he told a pre-shoot press briefing.

Despite knowing that such act offends the locals, the organisers pursue it.

The head of the local council in whose area the early-morning photo session took place had threatened to call police to disperse the shoot, which he said was offensive to local residents.

But organisers kept the location secret until the last moment to secure it, and there were no hitches to the two-hour session at the Mineral Beach complex, not far from where tradition says the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, irreparably overrun by sin, were destroyed by God along with their inhabitants. Tunick, who grew up in the largely Hassidic community of South Fallsburg, NY, said in the briefing that he could understand how religious people could find his work offensive.

"That's why I've decided to do the work on Saturday (the Jewish Sabbath), so no-one would be walking by and see a naked person half a mile away and be offended," he said.

When one is only concerned about one's own wish, isn't it selfish?
When one is born in a country and stay in a house that has no window in order to preserve everything from where one's forefather hailed from but demands to be treated as the son of the soil, isn't that selfishness in the highest order?


Kenn said...

Government (reads Najib) must give "windows" in accordance to the Perlembagaan Negara, to the "house that has no windows".

Najib should not promote to 1-whole-Malaysia the characteristics of "pendatang" which are non-MALAYsian, non-nationalistic and non-patriotic.

Yes, this is arrogant and selfish of the highest degree.

koolmokcikZ said...

Indeed Kenn. Indeed.

Anonymous said...

salam kmz

who is this arrogant foreigners and what is his/her blog if I may ask so that I could read them?

I work in Australia....have I ever whinge or complain about the ever present bacon/pork in each of "our" meeting snack bites, official BBQ, lunches and so on. Not to mention about the present of alcohol in the menu that they put up which is hard to ascertain.

How hard it is to find halal food nearby our offices? The absence of nasi lemak, roti canai etc etc...??

The best thing is to stop whining and if he/she could not tolerate the host country culture and norms; he/she should pack their belongings and get the "h*ll" out of this beloved country.

By the way, I could not "tolerate" the Australian "culture" anymore therefore I am indeed packing my stuff and moving elsewhere.


Anonymous said...


mokcik is more advance dari saya la...saya mana ada FB :)

nanti la bila saya bukak account FB saya add.

Semua dah merungut suruh saya bukak akaun FB ni


koolmokcikZ said...

mokcik nok kongsi lame web hok dok gege tok leh make kuba pendek pagi pagi tu. sapo hok minat tu buleh anta mail ko alamat mokcik. jange runsing lah mokcik tak jual alamat demo. maah kena guna kod takut kena sepai