Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kempen "1000 Mothers Against Rare Earth @ Teluk Cempedak Beach"

A lady blogger Ahan in the Afternoon has launched a campaign [read here]
"1000 Mothers Against Rare Earth @ Teluk Cempedak Beach"

I am reproducing her entry here [with permission]

This is an open invitation to all, but especially targeted to women who are mothers or who would be mothers.
This is the plight of the mothers in Kuantan, on Mother's Day this year, come join us on the beach of Teluk Chempedak, in the evening.
Bring a carnation along. Let us cherish the sunset. Let us protect the babies who are here and those who are coming into the world in the future.Lets sit on the beach and reflect on our actions....
We are meeting in peace. We are gathering in solidarity. We are all against the opening of Lynas Rare Earth Plant in Gebeng.
We are the mothers of the children living here in Pahang, we are saddened by the thought that our backyard will be a dumping ground for radioactive waste that will affect the health of our children in the long run. Its not just the children, but the mothers, fathers too.......
One of the worst nightmares of having a Rare Earth Plant in your neighbourhood is that mothers may give birth to deformed babies.
Can you imagine the pain and ache if the new life a couple and the family look forward to will be mentally retarded or physically deformed? Can you imagine the agony if a mother has to decide whether or not to terminate pregnancy?
Hence, we hope you will send this event invite to all our your friends or tell them about this event. In three weeks, we hope to get 1000 mothers with their families to be there.
Please support us......

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