Friday, April 15, 2011

How many is many

Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry chairman said public holidays in Malaysia should be reduced from 17 days. [From the last paragraph here]

I totally agree with him.

He also said government should consider CANCELLING the holidays for Wesak Day and Deepavali BECAUSE not many people celebrate these festivals.

I agree wholeheartedly.

Well, there is only 8% of MALAYSIAN INDIAN [funny isn't it? African-American refers to American citizens of African descent. So, Malaysian Indian would refers to citizens of India of Malaysians descent, wouldn't it? They didn't plan to stay here. They wanted to go back HOME hence the vernacular schools].

There is 27%  of MALAYSIAN CHINESE. Going by the Sarawak election, my guess is a big number of them are CHRISTIANS. Therefore, I strongly suggest we make do WITHOUT Chinese New Year celebration too because the number of people celebrating Chinese New year is not that big. Christmas holiday should be abolished as well since the number must also be small.


Now I am really really wondering how this small number of Malaysian Indians managed to get Interlok rewritten?

Where are the Melayu who rolled on the road to have ETeMS [English for teaching of Maths and Science] revoked?

Apartheid in Africa is supposed to be dead. I think it is well and alive here. The minorities are thriving and taking over this tanah air. They have their own schools, their own universities. In Sarawak, they don't even bother to speak the national language.


I stand corrected on the percentages above. My googling skill is NIL.


Kenn said...

Unfortunately dear koolmokcikZ, we have a very big chicken on a perch out in the front yard.

A small number but loud barking dogs are well all over the head of this chicken.

This chicken however, does not bother or too afraid of the many numbers. These many numbers are unlike the small loud barking lost dogs. The many numbers are very polite, soft spoken and certainly dont have loud mouth to bark profusely like the lost dogs.

But the sad thing is, even though very big in size, this chicken is really a very timid, playsafe chicken! Kalah tikus mondok!

koolmokcikZ said...

ooo ..THAT chicken!!! that one produces hot hot chicken shit one! every e[R]ection time da pIGS sure makan tak habeh nyer

Jimmy said...

these people are the ones that think they can "run" malaysia with the 1malaysia concept .A perfect example of using the mouth before the brain

koolmokcikZ said...

i don't get who 'they' are, jimmy. anyway, thanks for dropping in.