Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pot calling kettle black

The Star carried out this article about a tussle between rival sides in Selangor DAP for control in all state party posts. [read here].

" ... the establishment group led by senior state exco member Teresa Kok held a open rally where her line-up, endorsed by the party’s top leadership, was made public at a dinner in Serdang.
Their rivals, a group of disgruntled veterans purportedly led by Selangor state assembly Speaker and Sungei Pinang assemblymen Teng Chang Khim and calling themselves the Justice and Reform Group, have mounted a challenge exploiting numerous issues to dethrone Teresa’s line-up."
What struck me is that these are the people who barked the loudest at what they call undemocratic practice by the government, used it to garner support and went on to wrestle five states from BN in the last general election.

The party's supremo father and son the advisor and secretary-general are backing up the establishment group and been calling up supporters and grassroots leaders to "preserve party unity".

“They urged delegates to see the larger picture and not get emotional and back the rebels ...” 

These people were never bothered at a larger picture where once Malaysia was on the way to the other side of development divide.

I prefer the Italian's version Il bue che dà del cornuto all'asino  ("The ox calling the donkey horned").

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