Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Isn't it ironic?

PAS demanded authorities to cancel Adam Lambert' concert scheduled for Thursday.

Read here for full news.

I find it very ironic.

When PAS formed alliance with Anuar Ibrahim led PKR, the message conveyed to the mass was sexual preference is private. Whether the court will find AI guilty or not of the second sodomy charge, he was acquitted on the first charge because of some technicalities NOT because it was proven beyond doubt that it did not happen. With AI dodging the second charge with delay tactic, personally, I couldn't help but think that if one is not guilty, then get it done and over with.

The alliance is all about getting AI to Putrajaya, to be THE Prime Minister.

So what is this about Adam Lambert promoting gay culture? Isn't it already here?

If our people is liberated enough to want a change from BN to PR, aren't they matured enough to handle Adam Lambert?

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