Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is It Valid?

A lawyer and three farm hands were charged in court today for the murder of Sosilawati and three others.

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Stated in the news that  

"The charges against Pathmanabhan were read in Bahasa Malaysia while the charges against the rest were read in Tamil."  

I am wondering what is happening. 

I am so bad with numbers I don't remember which Article but I do know that it is enshrined in our Constitution that Bahasa Melayu is THE national language ... bahasa RASMI.

Is it valid then to have the charge read in Tamil?

Looking at how DSN treated vernacular schools, and now this reading of a charge in a Malaysian Court in Tamil, has the Constitution been changed?

Bukan main lantang calling for a stop on PENDATANG issue 

We need to put in more effort to improve our race relations and one way is to put a stop to this “pendatang” issue  [full news here

Put a stop to pendatang issue my foot!

Who started the issue?

Who played the racial card in the first place?

After 53 years of being  Malaysian, why are they still Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian?

More importantly WHY are they Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian in the very first place??

In America, there are African American or Korean American ... American refers to their citizenship whereby African and Korean are adjectives used to show that they are descendants of families that originally came from those countries.

Doesn't Malaysian Chinese refers to CITIZEN of CHINA of Malaysian ancestors and Malaysian Indian refers to CITIZEN of INDIA?

Anyway, a citizen will SPEAK the TONGUE of the motherland. By deduction , vernacular school is for PENDATANG, isn't?

Charge should be read in official language. THEN, it is TRANSLATED for the benefit of the charged. Isn't?

Why does the court read the charge above in TAMIL?

Or is this a SPIN by the mainstream media? If so , the newspaper could be charged for sedition, couldn't it?

If it is not, is the charge being read in Tamil in a Malaysian court is valid?

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