Monday, October 11, 2010


If ever an alien from Mars come to Earth and finds that it likes it here, wouldn't WE the earthlings naturally expect the alien to 'speak' our tongue and go to our school instead of the other way around.

The Chinese and the Indians who made up 40% of the population of this country were first brought here by the British colonialist as labourers. The Chinese to work the tin mines which later evolved into towns and cities. Kuala Lumpur started out as a tin mine town. The Indians were brought in to work on banana and rubber plantations.

The colonialist master allowed the labourers to set up vernacular schools with teachers and curriculum brought in from their mainlands BECAUSE these alien labourers would eventually GO HOME. That was the argument they used to against the British master education policy. A policy which sidelined the Malays in tandem with their split and rule policy. A policy which eventually left the Malays in their kampungs, tending a few chicken, planting rice when there was enough rain, catching fish for the day.

Then came World War II. The British master left when Japanese occupied this land. The Japs had a lot of bones to pick with the chinese. When Hiroshima was turned to dust and the communists threatened to take over, the British masters returned. 

And then, the Independance. No blood was shed. The master, instead of sending home the alien labourers who had worked so hard at preserving their cultures and language just so they would not be 'alienated' when they eventually RETURN HOME, insisted that THEY be given JUS SOLI.

After 53 years, THEY stayed on, assumed citizenship and yet never letting go of their mainland. Instead of assimilation, they alienated themselves further from the people of the soil [read here]. 

Hence, I find this meaningless. 

I agree with Pure Shiite on the twisted hypocrisy here



satD said...

Salam koolmokcik

if I can add a wee bit, before the 1952 Ordinance , Malaya was Pendatang Mecca and we had the highest rate of immigrants in the whole planet.

The Jus Soli should not have been applied retrospectively and the Language requirement should not have been relaxed.

Too much look at this alien population....

Shall we call pest control?

koolmokcikZ said...

Waalaikumsalam satD,

pest control does not suffice ... we need PEST BUSTER!

I personally blame one particular MOE, who during his tenure solemnised the position of vernacular schools. And look at what he is doing now ... dishing out taxpayers' money to the vernacular schools as though only 'they' pay taxes.

I wish someone would crunch some numbers on taxpayer against tax paid [an educated estimate would do]

Kama At-Tarawis said...