Saturday, August 21, 2010

Organised "tour"

Another report on Star today made my blood went upstairs again.

"It is an organised tour with a difference – the only item on the itinerary is a job in Malaysia.
However, the tour for over 7,000 foreigners, including Bangladeshis, Indian nationals and Pakistanis was cut short. All they got to see was the inside of the KL International Airport.
These foreigners, who had come into Malaysia on tourist visas purportedly for a holiday, were part of a syndicate with the ultimate aim of finding themselves jobs at the thousands of mamak restaurants throughout the country."  
...“Of these bogus tourists, Bangladeshis recorded the highest number with 4,430 people, most of whom were believed to be victims of agents or syndicates,” he said, adding that Indian nationals were the second highest with 712 people, followed by the Pakistanis with 480.
Mohd Zulfikar said that besides having forged passports and visas, these “tourists” did not not have return air tickets or even sufficient money.
“They have all been categorised as doubtful or suspicious foreign visitors, suspected of having the hidden agenda of entering the country to look for a job."

What irked me most is the thought that these people could eventually claim to be "stateless" because they have no identification documents for a number of reasons i.e parents too poor and uneducated living in remote estates, ID list in fires/flood/theft etc. There was even one case where a man claimed to be stateless [including his wife and children too (fogot how many children)] and took to camping in his vehicle in front of the palace of Sultan Perak claiming assistance. Big drama!

I penned my thought on this issue in a different perspective here

"Looking at the number of illegal immigrants in the country now, I read about the drive to legalized “stateless” Indians in Malaysia as someone’s hidden agenda.

"... about 3,000 application forms in less than two hours. ... It is unexpected to see so many people without birth certificates and identity cards here,” said Dr Mohd Khir ... their husbands had no identity cards. "

So is it much wonder to see them arriving in droves?

And the influx of African and Chinese arriving on student visa purportedly to enroll in private colleges. I wonder how many of them have graduated and went back home.

Hmmm ...

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