Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Malaysia oh Malaysia

Reading this article on the Star today really made my blood raced upstairs. It reminds me very much of my earlier thoughts [here]about Malaysian indians working on privately owned estates [mostly by Chinese towkays] who claimed being marginalised by the government. The towkays happily count their untung juta juta [profits] while they pay the lowest money to the workers and and spent even less money on the workers' welfare and yet the government is blamed for their dire state.

And here we have foreigners protesting the poor treatment they are getting from their employers while the employers are again counting their untung juta juta. I bet the politicians will not let this opportunity to rap the government go unnoticed.

The Indonesian government is demanding that their maids be paid RM800 monthly. I wouldn't be surprised if the governments of all the foreign workers who ran riot here would blame Malaysian government for the low wages their workers are getting and lack of health facilities on the factory compound.

It is sad to know that some Malaysians really believed that government is practically giving money to all the Malays [here]. Money gotten from the tax THEY purportedly paid.

Haihhhhh ....

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