Tuesday, August 31, 2010

53rd Independence Day

Despite a very late night, I woke up early today to catch up Independence Day celebration on tv. What a disappointment. Perhaps it was the fasting month but then where are the non fasting populations who is claiming equal right as citizen of this land? 

What a sad thing to be a Malay on this land today.

Syed Akbar Ali hit the nail right on the head "... become the sort of simple people who can be easily entertained by balloons, banners, bands and brigades marching to music on Merdeka Day.

We fit into Rudyard Kipling’s racist observation that the asiatics are “nature’s children”. Meaning we are childish. ...

... become prey to cleverer people amongst us who will know how to use balloons, banners, bands and marching brigades to keep us entertained. Or they will manipulate us by promising us the keys to paadise. We will either be dancing or swaying to their tune. They too may allow us to become servants in the master’s house."

After 53 years of breaking free from the bonds and chains of colonisation physically, here we are ... back to where we started and this time it is not the colonials but ourselves for it is us who as Syed Akbar Ali observed " ...elect people whom we believe in, who then go ahead and make these laws with our tacit approval. They are our wakil. They represent us."

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