Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tunggu Sekejap (Wait A While)

Came across this lyric while bloghopping. Used to hum the song in my teenage years [that would be in the early seventies] fully understanding the literal meaning of it.

Reading the words now ... the profound essence of seduction impregnating each line hits me.

Huh!!! How did the song ever made it through the strict sensor board.

I remember the singer was the late Datin Rapeah Buang. Don't know if anyone else sing the song.

How very different the tone is compared to Ne Me Quitte Pas although the theme is the same.

Tunggu sekejap (Wait a while)
wahai kasih (my love)
Kerana hujan (because the rain)
masih renyai (is still drizzling)

Tunggu sekejap (wait a while)
Dalam pelukan (in the embrace)
asmaraku (of my passion)

Jangan bimbang (worry not)
Walaupun siang (although the daylight)
akan menjelma (is emerging)

Malam ini (Tonight)
Belum puas ku (I am not through)
Bercumbu (making love)
dengan kanda (with you)

Tunggu sekejap (Wait a while)
wahai kasih (my love)
Tunggulah sampai (wait until)
hujan teduh (the rain stops)

Mariku dendang (Let me serenade you)
Jangan mengenang (don't think of)
orang jauh (the one who is not here)

Jangan pulang (Don't go)
Jangan tinggalkan (Don't leave)
daku seorang (me alone)

Tunggu sekejap (Wait a while)
kasih (my love)
Tunggu (wait)


Tabib said...

Here P. Ramlee singing Tunggu Sekejap at YouTube.

koolmokcikZ said...

Thank you very much tok moh.

sher said...

those days people were a lot inesen huh?