Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not Again!

Finally, after two months of delay, I got the result of the procedure I undertook in October last year. Confirmed! I am CLEAR of cancerous cells. Alhamdulillah. Hmm ... kena buat kenduri kesyukuran ni!!! Mana lak kambing kambing yang suka berak bersepah keliling rumah?

However since the problem is still persisting, the gynae set me up for second final procedure; MEA [Microwave Endometrial Ablation] to be carried out next month. The doctor gave quite a detailed explanation of the procedure, compared to the previous one. This time it is therapeutic. The last procedure was investigative. However, in both cases, the doctor mentioned possiblity of emergency cut, which I didn't understand before. Also, she mentioned about GA. Shuddersssss!!!

I was given an injection of progesteron to help thin out the uterus wall. I didn't know the effect was immediate. As I was driving [almost 200km] back, I was seized by stomach cramps. I was also nauseatte and a splitting headache started.

The next day I was too sick to even got up. The nausea and the headache got worse. I felt feverish. In the afternoon, the bleeding started. My period is supposed to be a week away. The doctor didn't mention this but she did give me medical leave.

The pain grew steadily worse. I could hardly sleep. I took some pain killers which did not have much effect.

Morning and I had to call the office I won't be coming in. I spent the whole day sitting in the toilet. My back pained like I was in labour and the stomach cramps were worst than the post natal ones. Hehehe!!! Could be that I am getting 'manja' now. Sakit sikit perasanGGGG banyookkkk!!! Well .. I could do with a little pampering ... ;))

I managed to get to a clinic before 5 pm today. Luckily the doctor was symphatetic and he gave me sick leave without any question. Hmm .. looks like I am going to lose the whole week to pain. Tough!

So, come 11 next month I'll be going under the scalpel again. The memory of getting stick with the needles for the IV drip is starting to haunt me. Any tips on how to make the veins softer, anyone?


Anonymous said...

a'ah Ina kena buat kenduri tu, dah niat. sabar lar dgn segala ujian dari allah.
apa2 pun hv a great weekend.

koolmokcikZ said...

Thanks Anon! Sabar dah le tu kot. Kalu tak sabar dah lama den semelih kambing kambing tu !!! *grin*

momilo said...

Take alot of rest. Stay calm and get well soon. :)

koolmokcikZ said...

thanks momilo. doing exactly that.