Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who and What Is It For?

My younger brother came home from Dubai for a three weeks extended leave. I was on TENS and was feeling rather drowsy when he knocked on the door with one of his twins.The other twin was sleeping. He needed to go shopping with his wife and planned to leave the children with me. But seeing I was not too well off, he took the non sleeping twin with him leaving the sleeping half and two other children, an eight year old girl and a six year old boy.

After a while, I saw the boy snipping off one strand of my seashell curtain and took delight in watching the shells dropping to the floor. When he realized I was watching him, he put the scissors back, ran to the settee and hide under a cushion. I asked him to collect the fallen shells in the hope that it would satisfy his curiosity. But he threw them all into the rubbish bin. What a waste!

The next day, my second youngest brother came home too. He works as a lorry driver delivering Gardenia breads to Pahang regions. Our talk went on to PPSMI [English for teaching Maths and Science in school - ETeMS]. I was pretty amused because this brother of mine didn't finish his form 4 study. He is a lorry driver and his spouse is a housewife. He asked me what is all the furore on ETeMS about. He is more concerned about teachers' lack of presence in the classroom rather than the conflict of using English language to teach the two subjects. His wife was more interested in some mathematical concept her child seemed to be having problem with. Both of them mentioned Math and Science in English is easier to understand. My son who is in his third year doing Mechanical Engineering at UIA chipped in saying that had he been given a choice he would choose to learn Science and Maths in English while in primary school. His elder sister now working in a bank agreed with him wholeheartedly.

From my point of view as someone who was involved in the training of the teachers for ETeMS since 2003, I am wondering what is the real issue with ETeMS. My casual observation shows that the teachers, parents and students don't seem to mind the programme. Who is it that raised the issue and for what purpose?

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sher said...

Who she asked?????
I'm sure you know the answer. Do write about it. I did.