Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pantai Pelindung

Ayong is transferred to Kuantan effective 16th March. I was scheduled for MEA procedure on 11th and have to check into the ward on the 10th. Monday 9th was the birthday of Prophet Muhammad. It was a bit of a rush to get a place for her.

At the twelfth hour, Mahie [the flower sender] managed to secure a house. So, that Monday morning the three of us [me, her brother Epit and Ayong] drove to Raub and loaded my 'hero' and Ayong's Kembara with her fridge and matress and pillows and cushions and pots and pans and then braced heavy rain to reach Kuantan at about 9pm. Mahie [who was visiting his in-laws in Pekan] arranged to take us to the house for rent.

Our eternal gratitude to Mahie for having the foresight to make necessary arrangement with the landlord. The house was ready to be occupied. It was quite late and after a short introduction to the landlord and the landlady and the final deposit paid, we were able to finish unloading before hitting slumber land.

Ayong snapped this pic using her handphone camera the next day. This is the view of Pantai Pelindung in front of the house. KOOL !!!


Tabib said...

Wow! Housing by the Beautiful beach - at Teluk Cempedak?.

koolmokcikZ said...


hehehe ... sudahnya omk eh nanti yang pindah ikut anak sebab nak merasa duduk tepi pantai.

idzah ngan rosnah datang malam berikutnya dan kitaorang dah siap buat rancangan untuk pot luck ikan bakar ... dekat situ ada bot nelayan naik ..yummyyyyy!!!

maybe tabib kena start cari underwater camera lak!!! hehehe ..