Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank God for Labu

Got a nice surprise yesterday afternoon when an old friend suddenly called for the recipe for Sekaya Labu [Pumpkin Custard].

Zipah surprised many of us when she turned up with hubby and youngest son for a 'makan makan' [casual gathering] last October. It was such a great pleasure when your school mate of thirty years ago took the time to visit you. I was happy beyond words. It was just a casual get together. A spur of the moment thingy. No special occasion whatsoever. Instead, the gathering became an event itself. With the advance of technology [read: internet (specifically Yahoo Group)], I was able to share the moment with many other old school mates on the egroup. The ripple effect was unbelievable.

Best of all, the sharing of the event on the net spurred a few more such get togethers between us. Communications in other modes has also enhanced. I would say we are closer now as friends than we were ever before.

Yesterday, Zipah called to confirm the recipe because her youngest son asked her to make it for him. He is now in a boarding school and came home for CNY. His aunty sent some pumpkins to the house and being the youngest son back for holiday from a boarding school, it is time to 'manja manja' with mum. And what best way to manja with mum than ask for something special to eat. And that manja act is now extended to me for which I am welling up here. I just have no words to describe the beautiful feelings I have inside me at this moment.

It was made more beautiful when this morning while I was still in bed lazing the day away thinking of the missed sunset watching I was supposed to have yesterday evening in PD, Zipah called. She wanted to share her success in making the sekaya labu. Her son was having it for breakfast and shouted 'sedap' (delicious) into the phone from the back.

What better compliment could one ask for? Thank you Zipah for helping me start my day beautifully.

Thank God for labu.

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sher said...

OK. Thank God for labu. Not the labi, eh?