Monday, May 5, 2008

Ne Me Quitte Pas [Don't Leave Me] - If You go Away

It's been sometimes since the last update. I've been swallowed by daily chores and poor health.

However, someone very dear sent me three videos from youTube of such a lovely song that I have to share here.

The English version of the song - If You Go Away; has been an all time favourite of mine. I was first introduced to it; sung by a Greek songstress Nana Mouskouri. Later on I heard Shirley Bassey's version and love it as well. I never knew the song originated from a French song by Jacques Brel. The dear friend send me a post-humous duet with J Brel done by a stunning French songstress, H Segara. I simply love the French version although I do not undertand a single word.

I took it for granted that the lyrics of the English version is more or less the translation of the French version. However my dear friend surprised me yet again with an English translation if the French version which is so beautiful.

Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don't Leave Me)

Ne me quitte pas (Don't leave me)
Il faut oublier (let's forget for all)
Tout peut s'oublier (can be forgotten
Qui s'enfuit deja (which is gone by already)
Oublier le temps (Forget the time)
Des malentendus (of misunderstandings)
Et le temps perdu (and the time lost)
A savoir comment (finding out how)
Oublier ces heures (to forget those hours)
Qui tuaient parfois (which sometimes killed)
A coups de pourquoi (by blows of "why?")
Le coeur du bonheur (the heart of happiness)
Ne me quitte pas (4 fois) (don't leave me)

Moi je t'offrirai (I will give you)
Des perles de pluie (pearls of rain)
Venues de pays (comes from countries)
Où il ne pleut pas (where it never rains)
Je creuserai la terre (I will dig up the earth)
Jusqu'apres ma mort (even in death)
Pour couvrir ton corps (to cover your body)
D'or et de lumière (with gold and with light)
Je ferai un domaine (I will make a kingdom)
Où l'amour sera roi (where love shall be king)
Où l'amour sera loi (where love sahll be law)
Où tu seras reine (where you shall be queen)
Ne me quitte pas (4 fois) (don't leave me)

Ne me quitte pas (don't leave me)
Je t'inventerai (i shall invent)
Des mots insensés (senseless words)
Que tu comprendras (which you will understand)
Je te parlerai (I shall tell you)
De ces amants là (about those lovers)
Qui ont vu deux fois (who saw twice)
Leurs coeurs s'embraser (their hearts goes out in flames)
Je te racont'rai (I shall tell you)
L'histoire de ce roi (the story of this king)
Mort de n'avoir pas (dead for not having succeeded)
Pu te rencontrer (in finding you)
Ne me quitte pas (4 fois) (don't leave me)

On a vu souvent (One has often seen)
Rejaillir le feu (burst anew the fire)
De l'ancien volcan (of an old volcano)
Qu'on croyait trop vieux (believes to be spent)
Il est paraît-il (There are, it is said)
Des terres brûlées (scorched lands)
Donnant plus de blé (yielding more wheat)
Qu'un meilleur avril (than the best of April)
Et quand vient le soir (And when evening comes)
Pour qu'un ciel flamboie (to make the sky flares up)
Le rouge et le noir (don't the black)
Ne s'épousent-ils pas (and red wed)
Ne me quitte pas (4 fois) (don'tleave me)

Ne me quitte pas (don't leave me)
Je ne vais plus pleurer (I'll weep no more)
Je ne vais plus parler (I'll speak no more)
Je me cacherai là (I'll hide right here)
À te regarder (to look at you)
Danser et sourire (dance and smile)
Et à t'écouter ( to listen to you sing)
Chanter et puis rire (and then laugh)
Laisse-moi devenir (let me become)
L'ombre de ton ombre (the shadow of your shadow)
L'ombre de ta main (the shadow of your hand)
L'ombre de ton chien (the shadow of your dog)
Ne me quitte pas (4 fois) (but don't leave me)

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