Friday, May 16, 2008

The Next Phase

My little girl has graduated and is considering job offers. First the worry is that she might not be able to get jobs because her discipline of study is too common. I have friends who go 'ohh ...' which somehow conveys that condemning feeling that it is not as prestigous as their children's. But my girl, being a chip of the old block [old block= me the mum] is never unnerved with this kind of belittling and brushed it aside as small mindedness.

The moment she received her final exam result, her application through jobstreet yielded an interview. I was nervous. She was all ready for it. She went for the interview in the morning and took a bus home in the afternoon. On the bus, she got a call asking her to go for medical check up. Barely a month after she left university, she got her first job offer on a bus through a phone. What a far cry from my first [and only] job offer.

"This girl has turned into a woman and I dreamed of this moment all my life." That's a line from a song by Mary McGregor I used to belt out when I was young and just started out on my own ... living alone ... bathing in the novelty of 'working world'. Now ... my little girl has grown up into a young woman. And my! She made me so proud of her. She is very independant and ever so thoughtful. Whenever she walks with me now, she would take my hand [spondylosis coupled with arthritis turns out to be rather debilitating] especially in crossing split level floorings.

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Tabib said...

Hi!, Keh agok, tak lama dapet menantu le... gamak nyek!

he..hhe.. anok keh kecik laik!