Sunday, May 25, 2008

Come Again?

My girl and I went shopping for her first job wardrobe [aside from 'shopping' for her first job transportation means and first job lodging].

Eventually, we found something suitable. There was no other customer in the newly opened store. While my girl went into the fitting room to try out the garments, I waited near the cashier counter. The store people were busy putting price tags on their items. There was one Chinese girl and I thought she looked familiar. She was busy with the tagging.

My girl decided to purchase the items she tried on. We went to the counter to pay. The Chinese girl went through the procedure of scanning the tags, folding and bagging the purchase. She was so intent in her chore. I took out my purse and as I handed her the money I asked if the she knew me. She responded '... oh cikgu aa!, soli tak nampak' [oh teacher, sorry I didn't see you]. I asked if she really remember me. She said yes.

Sheeezzz!!! I was standing right in front of her for almost half an hour and then I handed her the money and she DIDN'T see me.

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momilo said...

Hok aloh. Jangan ler nak maroh-maroh weh. Bisa ler anak murid, segan kot nak tegur hang. Hang garang sangat kot dulu-dulu ..... hehehehehehe.