Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kembara - First Wash

In the morning, Ayong excitedly get down to give her newly acquired dream car a not that much needed wash. For people in our economic class, I'd say it is the feeling of novelty of owning one's own car. More so in Ayong's case, it was a luxury we both never dreamed of achieving that soon. Much as it shamed me to admit, the method of acquisition is also rather stupid some might think. Compared to current interest on second hand car loan which in our case stands at 3.4% per annum, I made a personal loan at plus 5% interest.

I had to do it [not that Ayong put a pistol at my head]. She is not ‘eligible’ for a car loan just yet. She has to have at least three months pay slip before committing herself to the world of debt … L

I am praying very hard our present flip flop PM will not do further damage on the country's economy and Ayong will be able to arrange to finance the car herself soon. My back is breaking with all the loans on my head.

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