Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Tomorrow will be the fourth day I travel to KL to get a used car. My girl will start her first job on Monday in Raub. A car is now a necessity not a luxury or even a choice. It's a must. At first we considered getting a Kancil. However, after looking at the recommended car, we decided against it and the decision burned a hole in the purse. A small sum of deposit was paid when my daughter took it for a test drive earlier.

Actually, the decision was highly influenced by my boy who is beginning his third year in automotive engineering at UIA. Heh! With such a qualification, how can I not take heed of his opinion. He was rather offended when his sister didn't involve him from the beginning. The sister's rational was not to disturb him in his study. O'well! He missed one class yesterday and almost missed a quiz today going around looking at cars.

Finally, between the three of us, we settled for a 2003 1.3 EZ Kembara. Not an easy decision in the light of the coming fuel price hike for it is a permanent 4 wheeler. Other than the 'waste' of the 4wd capacity which has more good off-road [so said some of my friends who never had to wash their car twice in a day. I do], my girl and I were concentrating more on the condition of the car vis-a-vis the price. My boy saved his breath from convincing his mum and sis otherwise. He only gave his 'professional' views not his personal opinions. So, it falls on mum to make the decision which one to buy. Yayyy!!! My word is the order of the day!!!

As always, mum did it. And should there be any 'thing' arising from the decision later, it was mum's choice. Smart eh?

So tomorrow, my girl and I will take a bus to KL in the late afternoon and we'll be coming back with her Kembara.

A Kembara to help my first born take her first step into the world of working adults. Here's wishing you all the best my jewel. I hope the Kembara will ease your journey into the next level of life. I pray you will do better than I did and find your happiness. May God bless you my love.

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Tabib said...

Hi koolmkzikZ !

My wife is now using Kembara, the same model. The positive points are; high point of view, good for lady (orang tak berani kacau! ;-)). 4X4 , so setakat nak masuk kebun durian tu no problem.
The negative points are: Slow acceleration - small 1.3cc engine with big body. Fuel consumption is bad. The last one is low resale value.